Cleaning Dallas Gutters

Cleaning Dallas Gutters

No one likes cleaning gutters. If I were to rank my least favorite chores, it would probably take both first and second places. It is simply not a sexy thing to do, yet we all know that someone has to do it. I have three problems when it comes to cleaning Dallas gutters. First of all, it feels like it is a hundred degrees out here. No one likes to bathe in sweat in the humid Dallas air. And speaking of bathing, there is simply no way that you can clean a gutter and then look and smell all dandy. And that is my second problem. And last, but certainly not the least, it is not a safe job. Anyone who can easily balance himself on a ladder as tall as the roof while cleaning the length of a gutter can definitely cut it as a main act in the circus.

But we all know that we need to clean the gutters. It is one of the most important fixtures you could install. It protects your roof, and basically your house, from damage due to standing water. While it tries to perform its vital function however, it will get full of trash at some point. Leaves are its most common unwanted occupants. But it can also be full of dust and dirt. And if you could just be so lucky, you may even find a dead animal stuck on the pipes.

So, what happens if you do not be a good boy or girl and forget to clean the gutters? Well, basically all hell can break loose. Having no gutter at all is one thing, but if you have a gutter that is not kept well, you could actually do more damage into your home. We all know that gutters are there to protect your house from water damage. It does this by making sure that the water will flow properly out and safely into the ground. After all, it is trying to keep water from becoming stagnant. If the gutter becomes full with debris, water can no longer flow properly, and thus it will not be able to perform the function that it is made to. Water that is not ending up where the gutter intends it to, will go someplace else that you do not want it to. For starters, it could go into the fascia or even the roofing. The last thing you want to happen is to see the roof starting to chip and eventually leak down your beautiful floor. And if you own a yard, runaway water from unkempt gutters can hit your garden or lawn like a tsunami. And finally, if the gutter itself gets damaged, then you are in even more trouble. That pure steel, which most gutters are made of could get unscrewed and cause serious accidents.

In this article, I am going to teach you about the art of proper gutter maintenance. As I said, it is not the sexiest job out there. But someone has got to do it and if you are the unlucky guy, I will try my best to make it as less of a hassle as possible.

When Do Dallas Gutters Need Cleaning

The short answer is twice a year. While gutters are essentially a trash-trap, they are usually made to withstand a lot of mounting garbage. However, there will be times that you have to adjust. The idea that a gutter should be cleaned twice a year is to clean it after the end of two seasons, one is the fall, and one is winter. Obviously, you have to clean during fall because, after all, it is the fall which means that leaves will be falling. And with those falling leaves, it will be a gutter fest that we all do not like. Winter cleaning is usually done to retrieve any animal that decided to make the gutter their final resting place. Because of the cold weather, animals sometimes camp inside its cramped space. The only problem is sometimes they never go out.

Like mentioned, when to clean a gutter is a case to case basis. Like for instance, I own a cabin in the woods as well as a house in the suburbs. I keep the cabin for hunting games and as you can imagine, it is near a lot of tall trees. Every weekend I spend there, I always try to check the gutters to see how it is holding up. The one I have in the suburbs however, is a bit low maintenance. It is the suburbs but there is not a tall tree from a mile around. Thankfully, animals do not care much for our neighborhood either. So, I really only need to clean it the standard number of times. However, there are some unforeseen events that may force you to obstruct your pattern. For example, if the winds are too strong and bring about a lot of trash, you will need to clean it up soon. What you need to do here is to be able to recognize when the gutters need your attention. The difficult thing is it can be subtle so you really have to look hard for the signs.

Dry Dallas Gutter Is The Best Gutter

Before you start cleaning your gutter, make sure that one condition is met. Make sure that your gutter is dry. The last time that I had to clean a wet gutter, I ended up doing so much more work than was necessary. You cannot use a leaf blower on damp leaves and they are not exactly easy to rake out the gutter. And, worst of all, wet gutters means it will get clogged if you do not do your job well enough.

While we all love a clean gutter, make sure that you are well aware of all the safety precautions needed before you start cleaning one. First things first, find the safest way to get hold of the gutter with a ladder.