Cisco CCIE Enterprise – New Certification Route and Peculiar Features You Need to Know About Its Exams

Recently, Cisco updated its certification program and made a lot of changes where some credentials have been retired, others modified, and new ones introduced. These changes took effect on February 24, 2020. CCIE Enterprise was one of the tracks that Cisco launched. Before that, it was available in several options that included different routes. Now, Cisco offers only two of them: Infrastructure and Wireless. In this article, we will take a closer look at this two-headed path and the exams that you will need to pass when choosing one of these certificates.

Cisco CCIE Enterprise track: New features

The new Enterprise certifications are designed to leverage one’s knowledge of core technology areas. They prove the individual’s end-to-end lifecycle skills in the complex enterprise networks from designing and planning to optimize and operating.

As before February 24, 2020, the candidates had to pass a written test and a lab exam in order to become the certified specialists. Each route had its own tests but now there is one written exam for two different labs depending on what area you choose to learn. Thus, the core test (350-401 ENCOR) from the CCNP Enterprise certification path should also be taken for both CCIE Enterprise badges. Then you need to pass the lab exams, but to succeed, you should prepare for them with the help of the following recommended training courses:

Cisco CCIE Enterprise track: Eligibility criteria

Both CCIE Enterprise credentials and their tests do not require any formal prerequisites. Nevertheless, it will be ideal for the candidates to have 5 to 7 years of experience in designing, operating, optimizing, and deploying enterprise networking solutions and technologies. It is not a strict requirement, so the most important thing is to master all the exam topics. It is also vital to mention that you must be over 18 years to be eligible to attempt any of the tests.

Cisco CCIE Enterprise track: Certifications and exams

As we said earlier, you need to pass the core exam (350-401) and then choose a lab test depending on the area you are interested in. Cisco 350-401 ENCOR focuses mainly on your knowledge of dual-stack architecture, security, network assurance, and automation. It can be taken in the English or Japanese languages. The applicants must pay the fee of $300 in order to take this written exam. It lasts 120 minutes and covers 6 main topics:

The 350-401 ENCOR test is also a qualifying exam for the Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Core and CCNP Enterprise certifications. This means that while pursuing your main credential you will also receive recognition for your accomplishments.

As for the 8-hour lab exams, they must be completed within three years of passing the core test in order to obtain the badge you want. Both exams are available in English. The test for the Infrastructure route covers the following objectives:

  • Infrastructure Security and Services;
  • Transport Technologies and Solutions;
  • Infrastructure Automation and Programmability;
  • Software Defined Infrastructure;
  • Network Infrastructure.

The exam for the Wireless route comes with the following domains:

  • Enterprise Wireless Network;
  • Wireless Business Applications and Services;
  • Automation, Analytics, Assurance;
  • Radio Frequency and Standards;
  • Enterprise Wired Campus;
  • Wireless Security and Identity Management.
  • Download Cisco CCNP 300-415 ENSDWI

Cisco CCIE Enterprise track: Validity and recertification

The validity of the CCIE Enterprise credentials ends after three years. If you don’t recertify before this period ends, you will need to take all the tests from scratch. To recertify, you can clear any of the following tasks:

  • Pass any CCIE lab exam;
  • Pass any expert-level certification test;
  • Pass three professional-level concentration exams;
  • Pass any professional-level concentration test along with one of the technology core exams;
  • Earn 120 Continuing Education (CE) credits.

Cisco CCIE Enterprise track: Main benefits

CCIE is the 4th level of the whole Cisco certification program. The last level after this is Architect with only one badge at the moment – CCAr. Thus, if you earn one of the CCIE certificates, you will be considered an expert of the field.

The Cisco DevNet Professional Certification track is designed to equip the IT professionals with the relevant skills to deploy, optimize, and operate the complex enterprise networks. After completing the prerequisite exams, you will have a unique CCIE Enterprise badge that will recognize you as a certified technical leader in the ever-evolving landscape of Information Technology.


Cisco CCIE Enterprise is a new certification track that has been released in February 2020. Its exams help the specialists gain networking automation skills and knowledge of programmability, among other domains. With one of the here CCIE Enterprise credentials, you will be able to easily get a job in any well-known organization.