The Best YouTube to MP4 Converters Online 2021

The Best YouTube to MP4 Converters Online 2021

YouTube is undeniably the largest video streaming platform, second to Google in terms of search engine ranking. Whenever anyone thinks of a problem, they rush to YouTube to watch if they can get any solution to it. YouTube offers content that is not just limited to one genre like entertainment, you can find videos about beauty, education, skincare, tutorials, vlogging, and much more. Nowadays many people are uploading videos on YouTube and earning from them too, making it a source of income for people who have the potential to create innovative and entertaining content. As per statistics, 50 million people put out videos on YouTube about every aspect of life.

Sometimes you like a specific video and want to watch that again and again. For instance, during traveling or residing at a place where you don’t have any access to an internet connection. You would want to watch your favorite videos without going online. Many YouTube to mp4 converters are available online, but most of them have compatibility issues or facing basic functioning skills. To tackle this issue, we are compiling a list of the top best YouTube to mp4 converters online that will make the downloading of YouTube videos simple and easy for users.

1. YouTube Downloader (YTD)

YouTube Downloader (YTD) is one of the most used and talked about YouTube to mp4 converter. It supports other social media platforms like Facebook, Dailymotion, etc besides YouTube. This converter is capable of converting and downloading a YouTube video into an mp4 version without any trouble. 

The benefit of using YTD is that if your internet connection gets stuck, you will not lose downloading progress, and it will resume from the point it stopped. 

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  1. The interface of YTD is user-friendly.
  2. Simple, and fuzz-free to use.
  3. Various formats are available for downloading media files.
  4. Rapid conversion and downloading of videos.

2. YouTube MP4

YouTube MP4; equipped with a sleek and unique interface that makes this YouTube to mp4 converter the best choice for downloading YouTube videos. It converts and downloads YouTube videos into mp4 and 3gp format easily. You just have to copy the link of the video you’ve decided to download, then paste the link in the search box on the main page of YouTube mp4. Now you have to select the desired format, and the video will be downloaded and saved on the device.

The downside to this YouTube to mp4 converter is that it does not support other formats apart from YouTube. It does not support batch downloading either.

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  1. It offers its users the choice of choosing the quality of media files as 360 p, 240 p, etc.
  2. YouTube mp4 converts videos into 3gp and mp4 format.

3. aTUBE Catcher

This YouTube to mp4 converter is one of the most popular and widely known YouTube converters. Due to its efficient functioning and rapid downloading speed, this YouTube to mp4 converter is a must-have on your list.

aTUBE Catcher supports other formats as well as FLV, MPG, and AVI. It supports the PSP format that makes it the best option for gaming consoles. The user interface might not look catchy to some people, but in terms of performance, this YouTube to mp4 converter surpasses other YouTube converters. 

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  1. It supports several media formats.
  2. Equipped with a simple and user-friendly interface.
  3. Rapid conversion and downloading.
  4. Users can resize the video.
  5. aTUBE Catcher allows conversion to Blu-ray format.

4. SaveClipBro

Saveclipbro offers editing options to its users that makes it one of the primary choices for converting YouTube videos into an mp4 format. Several editing options are available on this platform like frame rate, changing the bitrate, resizing the video, cropping the video, and many others. Saveclipbro allows users to download videos from music services and video streaming websites besides YouTube. On the smartphone, a QR code is available for downloading a video from YouTube.


  1. Saveclipbro offers the users to select the quality of the video as HD, SD, Full HD, etc.
  2. The modified audio option can be used to change the frequency, bit rate, and other parameters swiftly.
  3. It also offers a wide range of editing options to its users.
  4. YouTube and other files can be converted and downloaded easily via this YouTube to mp4 converter.

5. 4K Video Downloader

If you want to get subtitles of videos as well alongside converting and downloading YouTube video into mp4 format, this YouTube to mp4 converter is for you. It is compatible with other video streaming websites as well. 

You can convert and download as many as 24 videos; this YouTube to mp4 converter adjusts the resolution to 4k resolution whenever possible. Videos can be converted into other formats like MKV and 3GP as well. The downside to this YouTube to mp4 converter is the availability of fewer formats.

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This article is compiled up just to provide information regarding the best YouTube to mp4 converters. We in no way support and endorse downloading of copyrighted media files that are in violation of YouTube’s terms and rules, and urge our users to do the same. Before converting and downloading a video, always seek permission from the owner of the content legally.

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