Best Tips to Pick Out the Best Trade Show Table Cover for Your Business

Business owners often choose between front and full-printed trade show table covers. The key difference is the price of the material. If you have just started your venture, opt for a front-printed material simply because it is cost-effective. On the contrary, if the cost is none of your concern, you can take your trade show booth design to the next level using full-printed covers. It will help you with your branding efforts as well as advertising.

According to an article published on, trade shows help in piquing the interest of prospective buyers as well as the press and therefore, you should make the most out of the opportunity to unveil your product offerings. Here are some of the best tips to choose the best trade show table cover for your business.

Pick full-printed material

Most businesses choose full-printed covers because their potential buyers can see the branding and product ads from all possible angles, not simply the business logo and front visuals. Make sure the logo looks photorealistic and CMYK full color.

You should opt for a table cover that has no color variations between the front panel and the remaining of the cover. You might notice a little variance as far as the color of the fabric is concerned on the front panel. That is because most of these trade show table covers are designed using stock material. Then, that is fine and no worries about the same.

Consider front-printed tablecloths

You can choose front-printed materials only if you are on a tight budget. These tablecloths are affordable compared to full-printed ones. You can also have your business logo and product photos look photorealistic and CMYK full color.

Then, there are some drawbacks of front-printed table covers for your trade show. You will find limited stock background colors to go with the front-panel background color. Therefore, if you want to create the first good impression in the minds of your prospective customers and have no budget constraints, then avoid front-printed and opt for full-printed trade show table covers for your next business event.

Choosing the perfect table cover size

You will require a cover that aptly fits the table and therefore, perfect size is mandatory if you would like to display your brand message and product images in the best possible manner to the targeted audience at the trade show. Avoid buying too small cloth material that shrinks after a single use or looks too large for your table.

Look at the event materials as well as specifications to figure out whether the options for table sizes are available or not. You will find options most of the time, but then smaller events will give you only a single choice. Therefore, make sure you have more than one cover size handy to be on the safe side.

The common cover sizes are six ft and eight ft length tables as well as a 30-inch thick top and 30-inch tall stand. The other options include a four ft long table with a two ft thick top.


Now that you have the information handy, make an informed decision and pick out the best trade show table covers for your upcoming event.