Are They Any Health Benefits of Smoking CBD Hemp Flowers?

Are They Any Health Benefits of Smoking CBD Hemp Flowers

There are many parts to a Hemp plant, there are the flowers, the buds, the leaves, and the stem. Much like any other plant on the planet. The difference is with this plant, there are medicinal and health benefits that far surpass any similarities to other species of plants.

Flowers are known to make us happy, they are one of those natural elements that do much in the same thing or even better than eating chocolate or drinking red wine – they stimulate a few “happy-feeling” chemicals in our brains and these include oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. Prevalently known as the “happy hormones”, these 3 get together with our Endorphins and help bring us into a good mood, click here to find out more about these. That feeling that you get when someone cuddles you and you like it? Yes, that’s the one. 

But what has that got to do with plants? Well, firstly, plants are beautiful, in all color’s shapes and sizes. Secondly, smoking them takes it to another level. Interested in knowing more? Keep reading. 

How CBD Hemp Flowers Can Bring Us Some Much-Needed Benefits

There are a variety of ways to ingest CBD, such as through capsules, drops, topically to name a few, but this article will focus on the format of smoking. If you’re looking for the fastest way to get CBD or Cannabidiol into your system, this would be it. 

It is the second most prevalent and active ingredient in all of the Marijuana or Cannabis plant. The extract is derived directly from the plant through various extraction processes such as hydrocarbon, ethanol and a new one know as terpene wash these here:

Conferring to statistics, it was noted that since 2019, the number of users of CBD amplified to 62%, the majority of which choose smoking as their first option. So why is there so much hype about it? We have three good reasons.

Smoking Is the Fastest Delivery System. As mentioned earlier if you want it to hit your biological system or endocannabinoid system (ECS) the fastest, this is the best option available. It can help ease conditions such as pain, inflammation, and anxiety within hours making you calmer and diminishing any pain and uneasiness in your body.It does not get metabolized through the stomach as most other formats do; this goes straight to your blood carriers.

It Has Been Seen to Minimize Smoking of Nicotine Products. If you’re looking to quit smoking, this would be the best way to do it. It has been a proven alternative to either help cut out smoking overall to minimize it significantly. Scientist and studies have shown that for the most part, the reason why people get addicted to smoking cigarettes is not only the nicotine but the habit of oral fixation – the idea of having something in our mouth when we get bored, are missing out on something or stressed and anxious.

Maybe Freud was right in his theory when he said it is caused by an “unmet need” in humans from early childhood, or perhaps he was wrong; in any case, rolling a joint or putting some in your pipe or pure vape, can give you that same desire just with less of a harmful impact to the respiratory system.

You Don’t Need to Get High. That’s right when you smoke CBD, you don’t necessarily get high. This is the job of the THC which is also found in the plant, however, has already been removed (sometimes twice), to result in a pure solution, crystal, or powder made of only the part that does not get you high. So, you need not worry about feeling dizzy or nauseous. As the famous actor and comedian once said – it’s the less fun part.

Therefore, for it to have a positive effect on your body, you do not need to get high, and you can choose between three types of strains of Hemp Flower extract, namely the full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and Isolates. When smoking, the flower is the finest part to use, as it has all the goodness and none of the high.There you have it, if the above reasons don’t convince, there are tons of other positive and informative online sources that will. Always be careful when trying something new, and consult your doctor in case you are taking any medication. Although CBD and natural hemp extracts have very minimal to no side-effects it is always best to be sure before introducing yourself or anyone else to it.