Adding Wow Factor – Build Property Value by Creating a Luxury Garage

With property prices soaring with every passing day, it is the perfect time to invest and invest wisely in your home, in order to reap the benefits.  You can search online to find the latest trends getting popular in the market or you may want to ask for advice from real estate professionals regarding the options for high value improvisation of your home. But one thing many people often do is to ignore the untapped potential offered by their garages. This hidden space is often overlooked and undervalued when it comes to thoughts of home renovations and updates.

With a bit of creativity, you can remodel your existing garage to catch the attention of potential buyers by adding that special ‘wow-factor’ to the rest of your home. Here are some tips to create a luxury garage in your home.

Attractive flooring

It is obvious that the flooring has to be durable and tough for a garage, but this does not mean, by any stretch of imagination, that it cannot be made to look attractive. You may use hybrid polymer tiles, which are twice as durable as polyurethane and epoxy tiles and also come in with lots of visually attractive options. Such floors come in glistening or gloss finish varieties that can reflect light and will provide a much-needed glow to your garage for a long time.

Another type of flooring you may use is that of interlocking tiles. This will give your garage a sophisticated look. These flooring comes in marble finish or ‘retro fifties’ look as well. Interlocking flooring looks really attractive, but you should be very particular in fitting of these floors, to get the desired result.

Under floor heating

Having an under-floor heating in your garage will make sure that you get an inflated value from your property this winter. If your garage is a tall or large one, then you can regulate the heat to the place where you exactly want the effect of it.

Build a roof space

You can create a lot of extra space by building a roof space inside your garage. It can be used as a storage area for items, like camping gear, which you do not use too frequently.

Build customized storage space

You can build a set of shelving units, wall cabinets and hanging racks to keep your frequently used items. Such storage units ensure proper utilization of the space you have. You may even consult with a designer who will help you chalk out the storage plan as per your tools and appliances and frequency of your use.

Automated and attractive garage doors

Instead of waiting a hell of a lot for the garage door to open up, you may synchronize the door with your smart phone so that it opens up at the click of your phone button- as you come driving in. You may choose for a premium and attractive garage door, for that important first impression. The door type look and design should match with doors in rest of your house.

Overall ambience

With the huge change in perception of people and affordability, a garage is seen to be as prominent a fashion statement as other parts of a house these days. Now garages are becoming extremely lavish, with wall mounted flat TVs and accompanying seating area and bars. The new trend is that people are having their parties in their well-designed garages, as they love to showcase their expensive cars to their guests. Garage walls are now out fitted with luxury features like chestnut stairs, mahogany paneling, railings and charging stations for high-end gadgets. People are taking advantage of trendy innovations regarding sleeker designs, lavish lighting and surround sound-controlled by wireless technology, soundless car lifts with high load bearing capacity etc. Provisions are also made for both cold and hot water for guests. People these days tend to spend more time in their luxury garages during the weekends, therefore, we happen to see more and more custom-built garages coming up.