9 Common Problems Encountered in Final Walkthrough while Closing a House Deal

The final walk-through is one of the most crucial steps taken hours before the final closing of a house deal. Usually, the home buyer visits the house to ensure it does not suffer from any problems. It provides the last opportunity to act before the deal is sealed. 

More often than not, a final walk-through goes without a hitch, but at times it may result in some startling discoveries that had remained undiscovered in previous inspections. Some problems can be so grave as to jeopardize the whole deal. 

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Take a glance at the article to check what these common final walk-through discoveries are. 

Common final walkthrough discoveries

#1 House not in a shipshape condition

The seller needs to ensure that the house is transferred to the buyer in a ready to use condition. However, if it is found in a messy state that requires significant cleaning, it is a problem that cannot be overlooked. Make sure that the seller makes the house move-in ready before the deal is sealed. 

#2 House is damaged or in disrepair

During the initial inspection, the buyer may find television and appliances mounted on the wall that the seller says will be removed later. During the final walk-through, the buyer must check the walls where these were installed. If the walls are found damaged, because these items were removed carelessly, it may become an issue for not sealing the deal till the walls are repaired. 

#3 Pest damage

Termite damage is not always apparent to the eye, so it is best for the buyer to get a pest inspection done. If termite or carpenter ant infestation is discovered, the buyer can always ask the seller to get rid of them. The buyer can walk away from the deal if the seller refuses to do so or pay for it. 

#4 Things not in working condition

The buyer expects all things he had previously inspected to be in working order. For example, the house should have power and running water, and utilities, such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning, in working order. If this is not so during the final walk-through, this amount to a breach of contract severe enough to scuttle the deal. 

#5 Promised repairs not completed

During the initial inspection, the seller may promise the buyer to rectify all non-working items and renovate the areas needing it, before handing over the house. If this is not done by the time of the final walk-through, it is a red flag, and the buyer should either give additional time to the seller to set things right or walk out of the deal. 

#6 Items promised are removed 

At times, the seller promises to leave behind items, such as light fixtures, a piece of furniture, installed a sound system, etc., while vacating the house but does not do so by the time of the final walk-through. This is a breach of promise that not only vitiates the deal but may also stall it.    

#7 House not in move-in condition

It is incumbent on the seller to remove all his stuff before the final walk-through. At times, the seller fails to remove major items, putting the onus on the buyer to get rid of them. This is not only irritating but also translates into added expenditure for the buyer. In such cases, the buyer should give the seller additional time to get the stuff removed before signing the final deal.    

#8 The exterior is neglected

The buyer may find the interiors of the house spick and span and without damages, but the exterior, comprising the lawn, totally unkempt. As per the real estate contract stipulation, the seller needs to keep the lawn areas well maintained until the date of closing. If this is not done at the time of final walk-through, the deal can get stalled. 

#9 Room locked

At times, the buyer may find an odd room locked by the seller during the final walk-through. The reason usually given by the seller is that it contains personal stuff that will be removed at the time of the final deal. However, this locked room maybe containing trash or hiding defects that if not detected at the time of final walk-through may become an albatross around the buyer’s neck at a later date. Ensure all rooms of the premises are open for final walk-through.