6 Steps To Sell Your Home On Your Own

6 Steps To Sell Your Home On Your Own

Can you sell your home all by yourself? Yes. It’s doable, because you’re legally entitled to sell your home; doing it by yourself actually entails less paperwork and documentary proceedings. Plus, you know your home the most, so there’s actually no reason at all as to why you couldn’t successfully do it.

When preparing to sell your house, you should consider all the things that you need to get done for you to successfully close the deal. An expert realtor could help you with all the important things that you need to do, but now that your plan is to do it all by yourself, you ought to know that this route is doable also. It may entail a bit more effort and hard work from you, but it’s not as impossible as it seems.

That said, check out these tips on how to sell your home without the help of an agent:

Time to List Your Home for Sale

1. Determine The Fair Market Value

Determining your home’s fair market value is a very important step for you to undertake. You have to start at this point, because it’s the crucial information that every buyer is going to ask about. More so, you can’t start advertising your house if you don’t have a set price for it.

The danger here is that if you price your home too low, then you’re receiving much less than you should receive for your home. If you price it too high, then you’ll have potential buyers walking away every time.

The best way to price your home is by determining its fair market value. There are three ways for you to get this:

  • Ask for a competitive valuation from an assessor;
  • Use online real estate valuation sites and software;
  • Hire an appraiser.

2. Remove As Much Clutter As You Can

Another tip when selling your house, whether it’s by yourself or directly to a we buy houses company, is to remove as much clutter as possible. Clutter is very intimidating and distracting to potential buyers, so removing it will help you to create a more friendly environment.

Also, with too much clutter, the buyers won’t be able to easily notice the best and most unique parts of your place. Because you’re trying to sell your home all by yourself, it’s worth hiring the services of a professional cleaner. A professional cleaning company will work to give your house curb appeal and extra appeal.

On your end, removing as much clutter as you can early on is also purely for your own convenience. Little by little, you’re moving your things. So in the long run, it can help make your move easier as well.

3. Prepare Your Home For The Sale

Preparing your home for the sale is going just beyond decluttering. Now that this stage is over, it’s time to go deeper into making your home look presentable for potential buyers.

As you go through this third step, you should take a good walk around your house and put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. Is there anything about the home that you aren’t satisfied or happy about, or that you don’t like? Be objective about it; leave sentimentality behind.

Here are some tips that you can apply as you prep your home for selling:

  • Tackle any minor flaws that need fixing;
  • Make sure the whole house looks and smells clean;
  • Repaint and touch-up areas in the house that are in need of new paint.

4. Stage Your Home

Staging is an important thing when selling your own house. Imagine the houses that you see in house catalogs, which are literally as picture perfect as they can be. This is what you should try to emulate with your own home. Staging can help you to get a top dollar price for your home.

These are the most important areas that you should focus on when staging your house:

  • The lawn;
  • Garage;
  • Porch;
  • Patio;
  • Dining and living area.

If you have the time for it, however, it’s best to put in this staging effort for the entire house, including all of the rooms and bathrooms.

It’s in staging your home that you’ll come to realize the importance of decluttering. It’s only in removing all the clutter that it becomes easier for you to make your home look decorated, while at the same time lived in.

5. Market Your House

Once you’ve done all the prep and staging work, it’s time for you to market or advertise your house for sale.

The best way to do this is through the classifieds in your local newspaper. Be sure to list your house clearly, with photographs – if possible, and to give accurate information about the price. Honesty and openness will really help your chances of selling it fast, but not modesty; don’t be afraid to talk up the good points.

Make the most out of the Internet resources available to you! Post about your house being for sale on your social media platforms, and send emails to family and friends about it.

The more that you get the word out about your house being for sale, the greater the likelihood is of it selling fast and successfully.

6. Host An Open House

Another way to invite potential homeowners to buy your home is to host an open house. Many buyers today are quite selective with their options, and need the extra push to really want to buy a place. Hence, it’s not enough to simply post photos of it all over the Internet.

You should have at least three days scheduled for an open house. Include these dates on the announcements you put up for the sale of your home. You can rest assured that you’ll have a higher chance of closing a sale on one of the open house dates, so the more you hold, the better.


Selling your house by yourself can be a very successful way of doing it. Plus, it saves you so much money by avoiding the cost of a realtor or agent, which can be extravagant. Whatever cash proceeds you make from the sale of your home, you’ll be able to keep for yourself.

These tips can help to set you down the right path, but it’s up to you to push and make it happen. You’ll see that with the right effort, selling your home by yourself is doable after all!


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