6 Reasons You Should Take an Internship While Still in College

6 Reasons You Should Take an Internship While Still in College

It is not easy to land your first job after graduating with a college degree. Today, most employers are looking for talented, skilled, and experienced workers when recruiting. If you are a student about to graduate, you should think about taking an internship with a reputable company in your field of study. This will help you build your portfolio and pass your first interview.

Going for an internship is a critical step for every student. It’s the first step to building your career. This article gives you the reasons you should take an internship to complement your resume as a student.

1. Gain Work Experience

What you’ve been studying in books only makes sense when you practice. Going for an internship exposes you to a work environment. You have the chance to employ the theory you learn in the classroom in the real work environment. As an intern, you experience firsthand the challenges you should expect in your future job. 

During the internship, you learn transferable skills like communication, customer relations, and teamwork, all of which are helpful when entering the job market. The kind of experience you get when you take an internship at a busy company is valuable. You cannot obtain the experience you get from an internship by reading books. 

2. Explore Your Career Path

You don’t know if you are meant to become a nurse until you have the chance to handle a patient. Most students have changed careers soon after taking an internship. Some students have also realized better opportunities for developing their careers when they take internships. Therefore, going for an internship program is the best way for students to acquaint themselves with the field they are interested in. 

Taking an internship as you continue your studies is practical. You have the chance to decide whether your desired field is right for you. After graduation, you are more contented that you chose the right degree. Going for an internship program opens your eyes and makes you believe that what you are pursuing in school is worth it. 

3. Opportunity to Get Good Reference and Recommendations

Getting the right recommendations to help you secure your first job after graduation is not that easy. When you take an internship as you continue your studies, you will likely connect with the right people in the field. You can ask your supervisors for a recommendation letter once you complete your program.

When pursuing a full-time job after graduation, the mentors and supervisors you meet during internships are valuable references on your resume. Additionally, your supervisors are likely to recommend you for a job when you perform exceptionally well during your internship. Most references from internships are considered by employers more valuable because your managers and supervisors know you personally and can attest to your abilities. 

4. Build a Network with Other Professionals

Another benefit of taking an internship program is that it helps you network with others. With a network, you are likely to get the right information on job opportunities available in your field after graduation. Internships give you a chance to enlarge your network and learn from others. 

During your internship, those you meet are the most useful connections and contacts you need in a job hunt. When you show people curiosity, willingness, and enthusiasm as an intern, you expand your network and open doors to new opportunities. 

5. Learn from Others

What you learn in a classroom is not enough to make you a better employee. You also need to learn from others out in the field. When you go for an internship, you can observe others in their job roles and understand what is expected of you as a professional. 

If you want to learn more as an intern, you can ask your supervisors if you can shadow them for a day. This way, you learn what their job descriptions entail. Ask your manager if you can sit in the department meetings. It gives you a chance to learn teamwork and how employees should communicate in a real work environment. 

6. Get a Job After Your Graduation

When you go for internships, you build your CV, network with others, and get a recommendation letter. It adds value to your resume and improves your chances of landing a job upon graduation. 

Most employers are also likely to absorb or hire you when you perform well as an intern. Once you complete your internship and your manager is pleased and confident with your performance, you can get a chance to work at the company as a full-time employee. Getting a job where you work as an intern is never a guarantee. However, it puts you a step ahead in the job hunt after your graduation.

Final Thoughts

Students should take internships for different reasons. The primary reason for an internship is to help students gain practical skills in their target fields. By taking internships, you network with other professionals in your field and build your CV. Your supervisor will issue you a letter of recommendation, which is very useful when applying for a job.