6 Interior Design Ideas For The Ultimate Bachelor Pad

6 Interior Design Ideas For The Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Moving into a new apartment or condo is exciting because you can design it any way you want. To get you inspired, we looked at a few design ideas for the ultimate bachelor pad space, which will elevate your home into new sights, and impress whoever you decide to bring home. Before you start implementing any of the following design ideas, it’s essential to have a plan of action, and group furniture and colors that match your aesthetics.

Pallet Furniture

Having nice furniture in your bachelor pad doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Pallets can be found for cheap next to most grocery stores, retail locations, and furniture surpluses. If you ask nicely, sometimes they’ll let you have they’re broken ones for free. Prefer newer pallets? Hardware stores stock them in multiple sizes, including industrial that can hold up to 100 boxes. Pallets can be used as a raised bed platform to put your mattress on, or as a coffee table.

Mix Dark and Light Colors

Even the most straightforward ideas can make a small area stylish. For example, a unique color scheme of contrasting colors, like oranges and blues are bright and breathtaking, but they may not be for the everyday bachelor. We know that light colors make a room look bigger, while darker hues make them look smaller, so use that to your advantage when picking them. The most common color scheme is white and black, because of the impact it creates on your eyes. Paint the wall behind black shelving color black, to make it the focal point of the room.

Create the Space Around Entertainment

When you create a space designed to entertain, you’ll be the life of the party amongst your group of friends. Have a cocktail making station, a bar, or a drink trolley that can be carted around your condo. In regards to entertainment, instead of a television, invest in a projection screen that’s hooked up to your computer to play solo or competitive games. For example, online games like Casumo online casino can be projected on the big screen instead of a smaller computer monitor. You could also set up a retro games station, with a power switch that can rotate between your NES, Playstation, and Xbox.


Leather, whether it’s fake or real, adds sophistication to the room while being cost-effective as of late. Instead of buying a vintage piece, which can be expensive, look for pieces with an old-style, or go around to thrift shops for a distressed leather sofa. Leather looks excellent longer, especially if it’s properly coated. To bring the room together, opt for darker leather colors like brown, black, or grey and paint the walls a dark green.

Minimalism Keeps it Cost-Effective

New spaces tend to keep minimalism as a design because it’s cost-effective, and makes a small space look larger. You need to have a concept that brings together the kitchen, bedroom, and living room because they’re all going to be visible from the front door. By keeping the bachelor pad minimal in overall look, you’ll save time organizing and cleaning because everything will have its own spot. Take note that minimalism can make a space feel cold if not utilized correctly, so keep the colors and furniture a darker color.

Organization Meets Style

A bachelor pad is often low on space, with even the larger ones having an issue with organization. Fitting all the necessities in one room means the area can often look cluttered with an open organization option, like shelves or displays. If you like to collect memorabilia, you need to place it around the condo or apartment in a way that doesn’t make you or your guests feel claustrophobic. Less can be more in a small space, so take the time to decide which memorabilia you want to bring or display around. If you’re content with putting most of your collection away, invest in shelves that act as hide-away boxes or use decorative boxes on open shelves to make the space more uniform. Whatever you choose, it’s essential to bring a seamless look into your area, or it will appear not very clean.