5 Myths About the Business of Weed Dispensaries

5 Myths About the Business of Weed Dispensaries

Several legal steps in regard to the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes have been taken over the past 20 years. This has led to higher acceptability of marijuana and has consequently decreased the stigma around it. In fact, a study in 2019 revealed that two-thirds of Americans have extended their support to legalization of marijuana for adults.

Despite such great efforts, cannabis usage still has a negative connotation for a lot of people. Weed dispensaries often are socially barred.

Here are the 5 top myths related to weed dispensaries that the cannabis industry is battling with.

Myth 1: Cannabis dispensaries are nothing but lowbrow weed stores for recreational stoners

Weed dispensaries are often thought of as dingy shops filled with smoke. It is believed that the employees there consume more than what they sell. In fact, pop culture also depicts cannabis users as a group of 20-ish slackers who make use of marijuana to goof off. 

In reality, cannabis is consumed by people of all ages and it is also effective in treating a wide range of illnesses. When used for medical purposes, its benefits are enormous. The legalization of cannabis has helped marijuana dispensaries establish themselves as respectable businesses, not to mention that there are even Edibles available locally. Find the best cannabis dispensary in your area through Elevate Holistics.

Myth 2: Weed dispensaries sell the same product as illicit operations

Several drugs including marijuana that are bought illegally may be of poor quality. They could also sometimes be laced with dangerous substances. However, the products that are bought from licensed weed dispensaries are of a better quality and are also tested for safety.

Myth 3: Weed dispensaries lead to an increase in crime rates in the neighborhood

Since marijuana is an illegal drug in some areas, uninformed residents often presume that the presence of a weed dispensary leads to an increase in crimes. However, a study conducted by the Humboldt State University revealed that the presence of a legal cannabis store led to a decrease in crime rate in the surroundings. 

Did you know that weed dispensaries need to adhere to strict guidelines and require licensure in order to operate? Heavy security features like watchguards, CCTV cameras and motion lighting etc., discourage any criminal activities. They in fact make the area safer.

Myth 4: Local weed dispensaries give young people easy access to drugs

Yet another widely believed myth about weed dispensaries is that they give young people easy access to marijuana. Another study by the Humboldt State University found that the usage levels of marijuana either remained the same or decreased in the areas surrounding local dispensaries. 

As a matter of fact, illegal weed was never difficult to obtain for younger people. Therefore, the mere presence of a weed dispensary in the neighborhood has little to no effect on their rate of use. Most legal dispensaries have strict policies to prohibit the sale of medical marijuana to kids under 18 and that of recreational marijuana to those aged below 21. 

Such dispensaries ensure that they check everybody for proper identification before selling their products. Thus, underage visitors will never be entertained. For those older than 21 years, dispensaries will make sure that they get a safe and high-quality product. Such an assurance is impossible to obtain from illegal sources. 

Myth 5: All medical marijuana is identical

Irrespective of how you choose to consume it – smoking/ingesting/topical application of cannabis – each product comes in a variety of strains that work differently with the endocannabinoid system of your body. Therefore, each of them produces different results. 

Cannabis in fact is a tailor-made medicine and requires personalized attention in order to achieve the right results. Legal dispensaries provide a dedicated service and carefully curate the products to ensure better results of consumption. 

A science-based approach is usually followed to provide marijuana for medicinal usage. Research plays a great role in deciding the best strains for the customer. Therefore, each medicinal marijuana product is different, and is especially created keeping the patient’s needs in mind.

Summing up

Are you still concerned about buying weed from a local weed dispensary? It is time you consider purchasing from a trusted and certified online weed dispensary. You can not only browse through a wide range of products from the comfort of your couch, but you can also be assured of the safety. Buying weed from a reputed online dispensary is definitely worth the effort!