5 Key Factors that Can Help in Selling Your House – At Awesome Prices

5 Key Factors that Can Help in Selling Your House - At Awesome Prices

Buying a home is a crucial financial decision, one that you take after carefully considering all the aspects. So, why should selling your house be any different?

It is understandable that changing life situations may need you to liquidate your property within a short time and move to a different location. Having invested a sizeable time and sum in the house, you’ll want to get the best price possible. Taking some additional time to do your homework will ensure that you get good value. Here are the five basic factors to keep in mind when looking to sell a home fast in Indianapolis.

1. Choose a Great Real Estate Consultant

Having made the decision for selling your house, the first step you’ll want to take is finding a great real estate agent. Ask around your neighborhood for recommendations of estate agents who are familiar with the community and general pricing trends. You could even contact the agents who helped you buy the house when you first moved in. Experience and expertise can go a long way in helping you put the right price on the house. Do keep in mind that real estate agents earn a percentage of the selling amount only once the deal is closed. For this reason, agents will do the best they can to find you the best offer possible.

On hiring the agent for selling your house, you’ll enter into an agency relationship or a principal-agency relationship. As part of the licensing requirements, the state government licensing body expects realtors to follow their fiduciary duty and act in your best interests. You can rest assured that the agents will conduct due diligence necessary when helping you just as this feature on MoneyCrashers explains.

2. Work Out the Asking Price Carefully

If you’ve chosen to work with a licensed real estate company, you can put down the expected price range like, say, between $450,000 and $500,000. Accordingly, agents scout around for buyers and put you in contact with them. When working out the asking price, you’ll want to check online for reputable websites that give an estimate of the going rates in the community. You’ll also find comparative market analysis that outline the current rates. Also, contact at least three or four real estate companies that regularly deal in homes in the neighborhood.

Higher than market prices could make it hard to find a good buyer. While lowering the price range can ensure that you’ll find a buyer faster, going too low may result in losing some of the value of the house. Ultimately, you’ll create a balance between the time factor and returns you absolutely need. Like the folks at the Forbes magazine recommend, pricing the house competitively can get multiple offers so you can choose from the best deals offered. Of course, you must clearly outline the fixtures and furniture you’re including in the sale price. If you intend to take some of the furniture and appliances with you, let the real estate agents know so they can help you figure out a practical marketing strategy. Though, selling the house as-is will likely get you higher prices.

3. Be Upfront About the Condition of the House

When selling your house, one of the best things to do is be upfront about the condition of the property. Never talk about features that are not present like, for instance, a backyard or upgraded kitchen. When prospective buyers visit an open house, they should know what to expect. Unpleasant surprises make people wary about other downsides that haven’t been disclosed. Disappointed people are less likely to make a bid for the property so when taking pictures for marketing, resist the urge to photoshop and gloss over unfavorable details.

4. Invest in Small Renovations that Can Raise Curb Appeal

Investing time and some money on simple DIY projects around the property can help you get much better deals when selling your house. Mow the lawn so it looks neat and trim the bushes and hedges. Spending a few hours on a fresh coat of paint can give the property a new look and raise its attractiveness. Also, clean up the house thoroughly. People looking to buy the house like to see a well-maintained place. Straightening up a little, dusting, and vacuuming enhances the appeal. Consider investing in professional cleaning services to scrub down the place thoroughly. Expert realtors also recommend getting a storage unit and moving out some of the clutter that you cannot get rid of right away. Project a lovely home that buyers can see themselves moving into quickly. Small touches like fresh flowers, diffusers with essential oils, aromas of cookies, candles, and a cozy fire burning in the fireplace can nudge buyers into making an offer right away.

5. Additional Marketing Always Helps When Selling Your House

Relying on your real estate agent is always a smart move when you’re looking for buyers quickly. To move the process along, you can try other marketing tactics. Talk to friends, colleagues, and family members about your intentions to move. You could also communicate to the people in the neighborhood and let them know that you’re open to offers. Take videos and post them on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp. An interested buyer searching for a home in your locale could contact you directly with a great offer. You’ll find a bunch of additional advertising options on this article on The Balance.

While the above 5 factors can always help you in selling your house and getting great prices, chances are that you don’t really have the time to do your homework or wait for interesting offers. Like, for instance, if you’re looking to consolidate your debt. In that case, you have the option of selling to a real estate company that buys homes as-is and offers quick cash payments. You may have to settle for less than the market value of the house, but when you’re short of time, it could be the best solution.

If you’re looking to liquidate your assets within a short time, search for a great real estate agent who can help while at the same time, do your homework to understand market trends. You could get the best possible value and awesome prices!