5 Creative and Natural Pest Control Methods You’ve Never Thought Of

5 Creative and Natural Pest Control Methods You've Never Thought Of

There it goes again: Another cockroach just scurried into that little opening between the refrigerator and the counters. No matter what you do, these pests seem to come back like, well, roaches.

Pests are some of the most annoying things to deal with in living spaces. They can cause damage to the property in numerous ways. They can also cost you a lot of money in prevention, pest eradication, and home repairs.

However, there are ways to save your money, your house, and the environment. If you are having problems with pests, here are some simple and eco-friendly pest control methods that you can try.

1. Basil Plants

Basil is known for its pungent smell. And although we love it in our Italian food, flies hate the scent. To decrease the number of flies that try to come into your home, try planting basil.

You can have fresh basil and strategically place them near windows and doors to reduce the fly problem. Not to mention, you have a source of basil for cooking too. 

Dried basil works too, just put it in a pouch and rub it every so often to maintain the scent.

2. Cinnamon Oil

Known as one of the spices of the wealthy in ancient times, cinnamon oil also can be used to repel dust mites. Dust mites are not inherently problematic, but their refuse causes allergens in humans and pets.

Use cinnamon bark oil by spraying it on common household things that are known to accumulate dust. This can defend and repel dust mites.

3. Dish Soap

Dish soap can be used to counter ants. If you mix some vinegar and a few drops of dish soap, you can spray it in areas that would seem as likely entryways for those pesky ants.

It will keep them from using that opening again as long as you continue to spray it regularly.

4. Borax

If you want to finally get that annoying roach, borax is the way to go. The detergent has been known as a consistent roach killer.

Mix it with sugar and leave it places that are frequented by roaches such as crevices and gaps. The sugar will attract the unsuspecting roach and then the borax will dehydrate and poison them.

Brutal, but highly effective.

5. Fake Wasps Nests

Wasps are the bane of outdoor spaces, and unfortunately, you don’t know there’s a nest until its too late. If you see multiple wasps or them consistently flying into one area, don’t ignore these signs of an infestation.

But you can mitigate this by buying fake wasps nests and planting them around your house. Wasps are extremely territorial and will not make a nest within certain distances of one another.

These nests can effectively dispel them from infesting your home.

Natural Pest Control Methods

Having pests is not something any homeowner wants to deal with, but they can be dealt with natural and eco-friendly pest control methods. 

Take care of your home and don’t stress yourself out with that roach. Get the borax and some sugar. You won’t see him again anytime soon!

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