3 Things That Harm Your Roof in Champaign – Roofing Dangers to Look Out For

A roofing system is supposed to protect your house from inclement weather. Moreover, it would be providing insulation and helping in draining away water from the house. It is a wise idea to conduct regular inspections and maintenance on your roof to ensure that your house is ready to combat harsh elements of weather. However, you must be prepared for certain unanticipated threats to your roof.

Even though certain roofing materials seem to be more long-lasting as compared to the others, often damage just takes place. If you think that your roof is damaged, it is a good idea to get it examined by a roofing expert, at the earliest possible before things get out of control. You need to know that even minor issues could lead to major problems if left unattended. Your home is certainly a major investment and you must maintain a healthy roof if you wish to safeguard your investment. Some of these dangers could be tackled if you are well-prepared.

Snow and Ice

Champaign receives 20 inches of snow on an average per year. Having ice or snow on your roof is quite common during the winter months. The buildup of ice and snow is not necessarily dangerous inherently but it could result in pretty hazardous ice dams. Ice dams create the perfect environment for the appearance of icicles that tend to hang precariously from the eaves and prove to be pretty dangerous for both the passersby and the residents.

Ice dams generally take place as a result of heat that warms up the attic and melts the accumulated snow on your roofing. The snowmelt again refreezes close to the edges before it could even drain off your roofing. The constant thaw and freeze could lift shingles letting in moisture below and very much into the roof.

Some ice dam solutions are ensuring proper ventilation and insulation of your attic, using snow guards, heating gutters, etc. for mitigating ice dam issues. As per https://www.huffpost.com, you must make sure that there is evenly distributed insulation in your attic for keeping the heat restricted to your home. You would not want skyrocketing energy bills. Moreover, the existing heat could get trapped beneath your shingles leading to ice dams that could spell trouble for roofs. We know that ice dams involve a sequence of freezing and melting snow that could cause major damage to your roof. Get in touch with one of the trustworthy and reputed roofing companies such as https://www.centralroofingllc.net/ for perfect roofing solutions.


A potent danger to your roofs is falling trees. We know that falling trees could be wreaking havoc on the roof of your home causing punctures, holes, and gaps. Falling trees could be a major threat to your home. Tree debris, pine needles, leaves, and sticks could jeopardize the safety of your home. If you allow tree debris to get accumulated on your roof, it would get transformed into mulch that could lead to rot, mold, and deterioration.


Hail storms are quite hazardous. Older roofing systems seem to be at major risk as hail storms could be quite dangerous and could end up damaging roofs of any material or age. Some common effects associated with hail are erosion, puncture marks, bare spots premature aging, cracking, and missing shingles. Hail would be chipping away granules from your asphalt shingles. If the issue is not addressed promptly, it could result in leakage culminating in rot and mold.


Choose the right type of roofing material to combat the above-mentioned threats. However, in the case of damage, make sure that you get your roof inspected by roofing experts in Champaign, IL at the earliest and take corrective measures.