3 Relocation and Moving Checklists to Avoid Confusion Later

Relocation or moving to a new state or city is a cumbersome task. The process is tiring, challenging, and complex because you need to pack all your belongings, ensure the safe transit of your fragile items such as glassware, expensive appliances, and cutlery. Then, if you have a professional mover to come to your assistance, you need not worry about the transportation of your furniture and appliances. However, you must have a checklist for your ease and convenience. 

According to an article published on https://www.huffpost.com, you need to identify and mark those items that you do not want to load such as essential paperwork. These shouldnโ€™t be shipped with your household belongings. That is why you need to have the following things in mind when relocating:

1. Moving bulky belongingsย 

When it comes to the packing of your clothes, appliances, and kitchenware, the task is time-consuming and putting all things in proper boxes. As far as your home furniture is concerned, these items would be in the safe hands of your mover. Then, what about the items that donโ€™t fit in this category? These include your kidโ€™s bicycles, musical tools, surfboards, and things like that. 

You will have to move such items in advance by purchasing special packing gear. However, if you have an expensive piano, you need to take the assistance of professional movers near you. 

2. Get rid of flammable stuff and trash itemsย 

When you decide to move, you will come across many useless items and including flammable ones. Therefore, get rid of these things to avoid packing unnecessary trash on the day of the relocation. You can request your neighbor so that you can use their trash bin for disposing of the last-minute rubbish. 

Professional moving companies Los Angeles will not transport flammable stuff and therefore, you need to identify such items, getting rid of the same. Else, you will end up unpacking these things during loading time. If you arenโ€™t sure, which items are these, ask your mover to make a list for you. Most movers will not allow the transit of household cleaners. You can also ask them to remove things from inaccessible parts of your house such as attics or crawl spaces. 

3. Maintain safety during the packing processย 

You need to ensure that the moving process is safe for the company staff so that they can get into your house and exit without falling or tripping. These safety measures include: 

  • Removing all floor and doors mats.
  • Make sure you move potted plants from the driveway, walkway, or your front porch.
  • Remove all floor rugs. The moving crew will use a special floor covering to avoid slips and falls. 
  • You also need to remove low-suspended stuff such as hanging plant pots and wind chimes. These items might injure the crew while they are moving in and out of your house. 
  • Make sure you have a safe walkway while the crew is walking back and forth from the loading truck. 


Keep these checklists in mind for a safe relocation. Hire a professional mover so that you need not worry about packing and unpacking during the entire process.