What You Need to Know – 3 Benefits of Combining Your PDF Files with PDFBear

3 Benefits of Combining Your PDF Files with PDFBear

Managing multiple PDF files all at once can be frustrating, especially if you’re handling massive file sizes of designs that need plenty of correcting. Keep in mind that we use the Portable Document Format or PDF to get out the best quality of the image content, such as vector graphics, animations, 3D models, and more.

If your work involves designing, you’ll have to manage multiple drafts of designs until you reach the final version. And, even if you combine all the files, you can search for the content you want, removing and sorting everything by adding, deleting, or hiding pages.

The primary goal of merging PDF files is for proper file management. For instance, if you have several finished projects of the same architectural style, you can combine all these projects into one PDF and set it as your archive. With that in mind, you can easily show clients the different designs of a particular architectural style without having to shift through several PDF documents.

Thus, here are the three benefits of combining PDF files that you need to know.

Ease of Merging and Accessibility

One of the most popular ways to combine all your PDF files is to use online tools such as PDFBear. The reason being is that PDFBear has website security that prevents anyone from accessing your PDF files even after you upload them to their external server. PDFBear values the contents of all your documents to make sure no one can access them but you.

Moreover, PDFBear is also an efficient online tool because you are able to pdf merge on the go. If you use a desktop or notebook for handling and merging your documents, you can also do the same thing on your smartphone or tablet. With that in mind, PDFBear has a user-friendly mobile website version of their site with fast loading speeds and hassle-free merging software.

Available for All Operating Systems2

We all know that there are merging tools dedicated to one operating system, which is quite troublesome, especially if you don’t always have access to your devices. There will come a time where you have to rush the merging of your files, and the only device available is your coworker’s notebook or a friend’s iPhone.

Thanks to the flexibility of PDFBear, you can merge and use other tools to finalize your PDF documents on any operating system you can think of, such as Linux, Mac, or Windows. The only thing you’ll need to make the best out of PDFBear is an internet connection. But, since PDFBear has efficient software, you can use the online tool effectively with mobile broadband.

Save A lot of Space for Your Devices

PDF files are enormous due to all the images, 3D models, vector graphics, and the like. It’s a nightmare to think about the size of the final version of your document after merging all the PDF drafts. But, with PDFBear, you won’t have to worry about memory space anymore because the combining and merging of all PDF files happen in their cloud.


There are a lot more advantages you can experience from using PDFBear to merge your PDF Files. Besides, you can register for an account and even purchase their pro features to make the most out of the tools available in PDFBear. Rest assured, if you want to have a cheap and efficient merger, this particular online tool will never fail you.