10 Home Renovation Ideas That Will Instantly Add Value to Your Property

10 Home Renovation Ideas That Will Instantly Add Value to Your Property
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Your home is one of your best investment assets, especially if it is well-maintained. This is because a home is not only a dwelling place, but it is also a property that can be a source of revenue in the future. Thereby, apart from ensuring that your home is in its top condition, home renovations can also add value to your property, which can prove to be useful in the long run.

1. Kitchen Upgrade 

A kitchen upgrade is one of the most common renovations that can add value to your home. The professional homemakers at Faber Builders stress the importance of a functional kitchen design which is cohesive with the overall theme of the house. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, a splash of paint can already go a long way. Thus, keep in mind that you donโ€™t really need to spend hundreds of thousands in a kitchen remodeling project in order to achieve a kitchen design that can bring you a hundred percent recoup. 

2. Bathroom Addition 

An additional bathroom in your house can also add value to your property. If your home only has a single bathroom, consider adding another one, for this will not only prove to be functional, you are also guaranteed to recover over a hundred percent of your expenses spent in doing so. In order to be able to add another bathroom, check extra rooms or underutilized spaces in your home. Keep in mind that you will need at least a couple of square meters for a full bath with a standing shower. The overall cost of adding a bathroom generally depends on the fixtures that you will install. And if you simply just want to maximise space in your house, consider Visionary Lofts for amazing loft conversion options.

3. Room Remodeling 

Giving a room in your house a makeover is another way of adding value to your property. A great idea would be to convert your attic into a bedroom or recreate your basement and transform it into a game room. If you have a large garage, you can even convert some of that space into a small apartment that you can rent out. 

4. Deck Installation 

Installing a deck will surely increase the value of your home because outdoor living spaces have become more and more attractive to potential home buyers. The cost of adding a deck in your home varies depending on the size you plan to install, as well as the finishing you intend to add. You can definitely save a hefty sum if you add the deck yourself, but professional builders can guarantee a seamless finish. 

5. Using Stone Veneer 

A home update that is considered to add value to your property is the use of a stone veneer. Statistics show that renovated houses that utilized stone veneer earn an average of a hundred percent in its resale value. A stone veneer is typically easy to install such that you can even do it yourself to save more money. 

6. Window Makeover 

If you are planning to sell your home, keep in mind that potential buyers tend to notice your windows and its finishing. The best materials that prove to be the most attractive for home buyers are known to be vinyl and wood. Nevertheless, you donโ€™t necessarily have to replace your windows because sometimes, an addition of detailing or a splash of color is only what it takes for a window makeover. 

7. Entry Door Enhancement 

The main door of your house also gives potential buyers a first and lasting impression, especially if you are keen on looking for home buyers. Nevertheless, the main doors of your home are your primary shield from intruders and unwanted visitors. This is the reason why apart from enhancing your main entry door, it is also imperative that it is secure and the locks are functional. You can use a fiberglass or steel door and this will certainly add value to your property. Dove steel doors are considered the safest and most secure options for your entry door.

8. Garage Door Replacement 

Apart from replacing your main entry door, it is also worth considering to replace your garage door. Not only will this add value to your property, but a garage door replacement is one of the cheapest projects home upgrade project. This is because you have the option of replacing the garage door yourself as long as you have the right tools to do so. 

9. Adding Energy-Efficient Sources 

More and more people are now environmentally aware, such that a solar panel installation and adding other energy-efficient sources can perk up the value of your home. You can also transform your windows to be energy efficient by replacing these with larger ones that will effectively let natural light and air in. These types of windows will even cut your energy costs in half. Another option is to add energy-efficient insulation by adding extra insulation in your attic or sealing cracks around your house. You can even monitor the overall temperature of your home by adding a thermostat to ensure that your homeโ€™s basic insulation is always working. 

10. Leveraging on Smart Home Technologies 

Thanks to the advancements in modern technology, you can now add smarts to your home. Fancy having your lights turned on with just your hand motions through sensors or automatically turn off the lights in a room when no one is inside. There are also monitoring devices that you can install in your home that will allow you to feed your pets even when you are not around. Apart from this, the innovations in technology nowadays will even allow you to control your appliances and house tools using your smartphones and handheld devices. Leveraging smart home technology is surely a great way to attract potential home buyers if you are keen on selling your home. If not, a smart home paves the way for convenient living.

Leveraging on Smart Home Technologies

In conclusion, home renovations are sometimes necessary to ensure that the functionality of your home suits your family. In other instances, renovations and home repairs are necessary to ensure that your home is in its top condition and that budding damages are addressed. Still, home renovations can add value to your property which proves to be to your advantage, especially in the future.