How to Find and Choose the Best Kitchen Countertops for Your Home

If you’re renovating your home, then you probably already know how great it is to invest in your living space, but you shouldn’t neglect your kitchen.

Kitchen countertop remodeling is as important as any other aspect of your home. There are several key factors to consider when picking the best countertops for your kitchen.

Keep reading to learn about how to find and choose the best kitchen countertops for your home.

1. Set Your Budget

The first thing to consider before you begin your kitchen counter remodeling is your budget.

Once you know what you’re looking to spend, you can cross off from your list the most expensive kinds of countertops, such as granite or marble.

Right off the bat, a budget will focus your search and allow you to be practical.

2. Low Maintenance Countertops

Like divas, some countertops require a lot of your attention. Stainless steel, for example, is often covered with fingerprints, which means you’ll be wiping it down often. Laminate countertops can become scorched if you put hot pans on them.

On the other hand, low maintenance countertops are much easier to deal with. For example, wood countertops may only need to be oiled on a biannual basis. Granite and marble, for instance, needs to be resealed just once or twice a year.

If you really want to do as little maintenance as possible, then quartz might be the best countertop material for you.

3. Consider How Busy Your Kitchen Is

If you have kids, then it’s more likely that your kitchen countertops can turn into a warzone. In that case, you’ll want to look into the best countertops for durability, something that won’t stain or scratch easily.

Even if you don’t have kids, you might be an extremely serious cook who needs a workspace that can keep up with your skills.

Granite and quartz are often the most popular countertops for both durability and beauty. If you want to be kinder to the environment, you can go with the stunning look of recycled glass countertops.

4. Take Stock of Your Kitchen Layout

Not all kitchen countertops are laid out in the same exact way. More space means that you’ll be spending more money, of course.

If your kitchen has an island, that can be one very expensive slab of material you put on top of it.
Keep in mind that a kitchen can use countertops made from different materials depending on the layout. If your budget doesn’t have much wiggle room, consider making an island countertop made of something cheaper, such as wood or ceramic tile, while your other, smaller countertop spaces can be made using a more expensive material.

Ready to Choose the Best Kitchen Countertops for Your Home?

Now that you know how to find and choose the best kitchen countertops, you can tie together all the rooms of your house for a perfect, cozy atmosphere.

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