Real Estate Essentials – 6 Things You Must Check on First Day in a New Home

Real Estate Essentials - 6 Things You Must Check on First Day in a New Home

The first day in your new house can be both exciting and even a bit overwhelming. There is so much to be done and yet you need to get through it so that you can enjoy and appreciate your new place.

But before you actually get to relax and enjoy your new home, here are some of the you must do and check beforehand.

1. Inspect your new home

Your new house or apartment is a relatively new place for you and you don’t know it well. That’s why it’s important to check it for any signs of problems and trouble.

This means that you should check all the electrical and water installations, plumbing, and so on. You should also check for the mold. Mold spores, when in high quantities, can cause allergic reactions and even poisoning. If you by any chance find mold in your new house, immediately hire a mold remediation service that can help you out.

There are many other troubles that can resurface once you start inspecting your new home. That’s why you should take enough time to thoroughly inspect every corner of the hose, you never know what unexpected things your new house hides.

2. Check the doors and change the locks

Right after inspecting the house, you should check your doors and windows. If all of these are working properly the next crucial thing is to change all the locks on your house doors. You have no way of knowing whether someone else has the keys to your new house.

Regardless of the time of the day you are moving into your new house, your security and wellbeing should come in the first place. There are reliable commercial 24-hour locksmith services that can efficiently and quickly change all the locks on your house.

Changing your lock should be a priority. Before moving your boxes and other valuables make sure you have checked and changed all your locks.

3. Clean it up

After you have done the inspection and changed all the locks, the next logical thing is to do the cleaning up. You never know who was the previous resident of your new house, you don’t know how good their hygiene was. And even though some houses might seem clean enough, it’s always a good idea to thoroughly clean it.

Clean the floors before getting the boxes and furniture settled. If you see the need, give the walls a fresh coat of paint and that way you’ll know that your house is clean.

Give special attention to bathrooms and kitchens. Germs and bacteria are most likely to accumulate in these places.

So, before moving the boxes to your new home, stock up on mops, brooms, cleaning products, brushes, and sponges. And of course, a couple of pairs of gloves!

4. Unpack the essentials only

Now, that you know that your house is clean you can start unpacking boxes. You should always have your boxes labeled and you should start unpacking them in a certain order. For example, if you know that you’ll have a long day doing the above-mentioned things in your new house, unpacking boxes might seem like a lot.

So, have one or two boxes with your essential things such as bathroom toiletries, beddings, change of clothes, and similar. Also, other emergency things like important papers, a first aid kit, and other such things.

5. Set up bedroom and bathroom

After a long day of moving and cleaning you will need a place to wash up and sleep.
The first rooms that you should set up, at least partially, are the bathroom and bedroom. Have a bathroom cleaned up and ready to use because you’ll need a shower for sure after a long day of house moving.

Additionally, you’ll need a place to rest your head. Having a bedroom set up at the end of the day is a good idea.

6. Leave the rest for tomorrow

The first day in a new home can be exhausting with all the things that need to be done. However, there is no need to rush, just take it easy, there is plenty of time to do everything.

You can’t do everything in one day. If you are unable to unpack all the things in one day – which is a pretty probable situation – leave the rest for other days, too.
Enjoy your first day in a new home.

It may seem that there is so much to be done on the first day in your new home. However, all of these things are primarily for your and your family’s safety and well-being. So, it shouldn’t be difficult to ensure that your new home is one hundred percent safe and protected and ready to be lived in.


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