Tea Tools 101 – All the Tea Essentials You Need In Your Kitchen

Tea Tools 101 - All the Tea Essentials You Need In Your Kitchen

It’s finally the right time of year for hot beverages. On a cold fall or winter morning or evening, there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch under a blanket and wrapping your hands around a warm mug of something delicious.

If you’re looking forward to curling up with a hot cup of tea in the near future, then check out these tea tools that will help you brew the best cuppa you’ve ever had.

A Proper Tea Spoon

You probably have a teaspoon in your set of measuring spoons, stashed in a drawer somewhere. You could use that for scooping out the perfect amount of loose-leaf tea, if you can find it. But having a proper tea spoon that’s used solely for tea preparation is essential if you want a superior cup of tea.

A proper tea spoon is usually made of metal instead of plastic. It’s the perfect size for scooping the perfect amount of tea leaves for a single cup brew. If you like your tea a little stronger you can certainly use more than one scoop. But a proper tea spoon takes all the guesswork out of brewing with loose-leaf tea.

A Good Brew Basket or Tea Strainer

When brewing loose-leaf tea, most people aren’t a fan of letting the tea steep right in the cup. So, how do you get the perfect cup of loose-leaf tea? By using a brew basket or a tea strainer.

A brew basket is a small, mesh metal basket that sits in the top of your mug. To brew your cuppa, pour the loose tea leaves into the brew basket. Then, slowly pour hot water over the leaves. Fill the cup until the leaves are submerged while still in the bottom of the basket, and let the tea steep.

Another option for loose-leaf brewing is a tea strainers. These come in all shapes and sizes, depending on your preference.

A popular tea strainer style is the tea ball. This is a small metal ball with tiny holes in it, usually has a metal chain attached. You can put the tea leaves in the ball and then drop the ball right in the cup the same way you would with a tea bag.

Another popular tea strainer is one with a long handle. There’s a tea ball at the end, usually a mesh ball, attached to a long handle. This allows you to easily pull the tea ball out when the tea is done steeping.

Which tea strainer or brew basket you use is entirely up to your preference. They all result in a great cup of tea.

An Easy-to-Use Electric Kettle

The most difficult part of making a good cup of tea is waiting for the water to boil. That’s why many tea enthusiasts are fans of electric tea kettles.

Electric tea kettles are appliances that you plug into the wall. They boil water much faster than using a kettle on the stove. This means you get your cup of tea much quicker.

Electric tea kettles come in a wide variety of styles. Check out this guide to discover the best electric tea kettle on the market.

A Quality Teapot for Larger Servings

Sometimes a single cup of tea is all we need. But other times, we’d like more than just a cup. Or maybe we’re making tea for a crowd.
For those times, you’ll need a quality teapot.

Like electric kettles, teapots come in a wide variety of styles and materials. And there are some strong opinions in the tea loving world about which kind of teapot is the best.

Teapots are typically made of glass, ceramic, porcelain, and clay. Serious tea drinkers will tell you that the teapot has a lot to do with how the tea tastes and the experience of drinking the tea.

For example, when you brew tea in a clay teapot, the clay retains some of the taste of the tea within the pot. So, the longer you use the pot, the richer the flavor of the tea.

Ceramic teapots hold heat for longer, so they are great for steeping loose-leaf tea. They’re also best for serving tea over an extended time because the tea doesn’t get cold.

Porcelain and glass teapots are more about the aesthetic experience of drinking tea than the actual brew. Tea has always had a lot of ceremony around it. The experience of brewing and serving the tea is as important as the drinking.

Porcelain teapots are often ornate, adding to the sophistication of the experience. Glass teapots allow the person enjoying the tea to see it brew, enhancing the experience of making the tea.

Which teapot is right for you? While most of the talk about find the perfect teapot is about the right material, the real determining factor should be that the teapot works for your needs.

Choose a teapot that makes the number of servings you’ll use it for most often. There’s no sense in getting a huge teapot if you’re only ever making four cups. And choose a teapot that’s comfortable to hold and pour well. The most beautiful teapot doesn’t serve its purpose if you spill the tea.

Mugs That You Love

Since drinking tea is as much about the experience as it is about the actual tea, having the right tea mugs is important to enjoying a good cup of tea. Like with teapots, the debate is fierce about the kind of best that’s best for enjoying a cup of tea.

And also like with teapots, choosing the right mugs means choosing a mug that makes you happy. That might mean choosing one that doesn’t get too hot so you can wrap your hands all the way around. It might mean choosing a mug with a hilarious joke on it that makes you chuckle when you pull it out of the cabinet.

If the cup enhances your joy while you’re enjoying your tea, it’s the right mug for you.

Just make sure that you pay attention to the size of the mug. Since brewing loose-leaf tea requires using a precise amount of tea in a precise amount of water, it’s important to know how much water your mug holds. This will determine how you brew your perfect cup.

Finding the Right Tea Tools for Your Kitchen

Brewing the perfect cup of tea is easy when you have the right tea tools in your kitchen. Once you have the items on this list, you’ll be prepared to enjoy a mug of steaming, perfectly brewed tea any time.

For more tips about what you need in your new dream kitchen, check out our blog.


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