Transform Your New Home Move Into A Pet Friendly Experience

Transform Your New Home Move Into A Pet Friendly Experience

There’s no place like home, but now its time to find a new one. You decided on every detail that was important to you. When it comes to finding a new home, nothing is left to chance, and no detail is too small because you go out of your way to make sure that everything is just right.

Unfortunately, your pet does not get the same privilege. Your pet has no say in the matter. They get crated up at one address and brought to another. It is little wonder that pets go a little crazy every time the family moves. They are expected to settle in and just be okay with all the changes. This is not to say that you shouldn’t do everything in your power to find the home of your dreams. But if you have pets, be sure to consider them in the big move.

Here are some options to help transform your new home move into a pet friendly experience.

Give them a Job

The best way to make a pet dog feel at home in the new digs is to make a pet feel needed. Teach them to fetch the paper. Take them out for a neighbourhood walk. Let them sit close and protect you while you watch TV. Some breeds are born to work. Territorial dogs will alert you when someone approaches the house. Other pets, including some cats, will cuddle you when you are sick. A content pet is a happy pet.

You might also consider putting your dog to work in an official manner for a time period if necessary as a therapy dog. Many dogs for therapy start out as simple house pets. If you will be travelling a lot back and forth during the move, dispensing with the airline fees is just one of the advantages of doing so. Giving your dog a purposeful routine and caring environment can enhance their time apart from you during the move.

Furniture for Pets

Get your pet some furniture for the new home. There is some truly absurd and expensive cat furniture out there. If you want to create a truly luxurious space for your cat, you can get some furniture for them in your home. Besides being extremely functional, some of the best cat furniture doubles as a work of art.

Don’t worry; dogs are not left out of the fun. There are dog couches that are nicer than what most people sit on. If you have an older dog, an even more practical bit of furniture would be doggie steps that lead up to the couch or even the bed.

The Right Amenities

Many homes don’t come with luxury yards, especially in NYC. But that doesn’t mean that your pet can’t enjoy luxury standards with pet-friendly amenities. Finding a new home with a convenient local dog park or off-leash exercise area is a great option or regardless of the weather, indoor dog runs and doggy daycare centers can make for happy pets.

When you have to be away on business or pleasure and can’t bring your pet with you, having your new home close to a pet center with 4-star service can make all the difference for your dog’s well being, and your peace of mind.

Selecting a new home location is not just for you, it is for everyone under your care and naturally that includes your pets. Give them some extra consideration so they too can enjoy the move to a new home.


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