The Pinnacle List Was Made Ready for iPad Pro

The Pinnacle List Was Made Ready For iPad Pro

In July 2015, our team focused on designing a new operating framework, engineered for website to become a web app that would receive fluid updates on the fly. By August 2015, our new responsive design fit for any screen size was released. We called it TPLvX.

Thanks to the incredible new framework of TPLvX, now at version 10.0.7 since its release three months ago, it’s more apparent than ever before that The Pinnacle List was made ready for the evolving mobile markets of smartphones, tablets, and computers alike. After Apple announced the iPad Pro on September 9, 2015, we had no reason to prepare. The Pinnacle List web app experience that we already released was designed to be ready for larger displays like the yet to-be-released iPad Pro, packed with its 264 pixels per inch.

By Remembrance Day on November 11, 2015, iPad Pro was officially released and it became evidently clear that our new platform was a great success, based on this first true test of an emerging new product category for Internet users. In hindsight, The Pinnacle List was made ready for iPad Pro, and it will be ready for future devices to come.

With beautiful imagery, high-class luxury presentations, and optimized web design with state-of-the-art information architecture, the visual experience of The Pinnacle List on the iPad Pro is the future of mobile platforms that we’ve been waiting for.

We invite you to enjoy The Pinnacle List on the new iPad Pro. We know that you will be very impressed!


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