Appreciating TPL Feedback and Over 7.6 Million Pageviews

Facebook Message to Marcus Anthony

When I receive messages like this one, I am deeply moved.

Based on feedback we receive, it’s apparent that the work we do at The Pinnacle List inspires people in many ways. That’s what I’m most proud of because I know that the inspirations I take from this world help me achieve my goals every day.

I remember a time when I dreamt of reaching 1 million pageviews on in one calendar year. Now with over 7.6 million pageviews up to this point in 2015, I can tell you that dreams do not expire.

It’s remarkable when inspirations can feed into your imagination and lend its way into creation. That’s why I say inspire to desire, for the seeds of creativity will help you design your destiny with what we all hope to be an everlasting legacy for the benefit of future generations. I’ve been practicing this mindset since my middle teenage years and it has afforded me many amazing opportunities and proud accomplishments, with each one literally being a stepping stone for the next.

If I could thank each and every one of you personally, I would. We work for you and your support goes without notice. It’s what keeps our team motivated at The Pinnacle List.

Ciao for now,


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