ICYMI, We Updated The Pinnacle List Logo

Don’t you just love Internet slang that you don’t necessarily understand until you do a Google Search? Well, ICYMI (short for in case you missed it), we recently updated The Pinnacle List logo.

Here’s the breakdown:

2012-2014 Logo

The Pinnacle List - 2012-2014 Logo

The logo used from 2012 to 2014 was our third logo. It replaced the short lived second version that debuted less than a month prior. This quick change was due to overwhelming response from our readers on social media that the second version was missing some of its flair that the original logo from 2011 to 2012 had. So this third version took the best of both previous logos.

2015 Logo

The Pinnacle List - 2015 Logo

The new logo for 2015, our fourth version, has a small but important change for the aesthetic eye. We reduced the size of the “TPL” type font by 10%. We feel that this small, albeit attentive, change augments a sense of balance within the same sized square filled with the same vibrant blue tones and upper right spotlight. The same polished and crisp metallic appearance also remains on the script that anchors the logo.

Here is an image of the new current logo overlaying the previous logo, illustrating the 10% decrease in size for the TPL initials:

ICYMI, We Updated The Pinnacle List Logo

What are your thoughts?

If you want to see bigger changes to The Pinnacle List logo, let us know in the Disqus comments below. Perhaps you have an eye for design and are feeling a little inspired to draft up your own concept design. If so, please comment and upload your designs via Disqus below, or contact us.

We are open to all of your feedback!


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