The Photon Space – Imagining an All-Glass Modular Home, Controllable with an iPhone

The Photon Space – Imagining an All-Glass Modular Home, Controllable with an iPhone

A start-up company by the name of The Photon Project, based in the United Kingdom, is utilizing extensive scientific evidence to promote a positive link between daylight exposure and medical conditions to imagine an all-glass modular home that they have designed and called The Photon Space.

Upon filling a void in the real estate marketplace with a modular home designed to benefit your health with sunlight, The Photon Project makes the claim that:

There is no other product on the market which addresses the detrimental effect of a lack of daylight on our health and well-being with such a practical solution for both short and long term benefits.

Through an iPhone app, residents are able to turn the smart glass panes of the structure from transparent to translucent, for privacy or for some needed shut-eye.

The smart glass, which is positioned around curved metal beams, supports a range of the most advanced glass technologies available to produce an extremely high performance for: insulation (0.6 W/m2k), solar gain (63% of solar radiation blocked), UV transmittance (99.9% UV blocked), and sound levels (85% of external sound blocked).

As a result, The Photon Space can literally be used all year round, through any season, with very little need for heating or cooling.

The intent behind The Photon Space is for it to nest in the environment and become embedded in its surroundings, but that won’t always be possible. So this modular home is also designed for building methods that work just as well on roof-tops, rocky terrains, and areas of hard-standing.

With only a 484 sq. ft. footprint, The Photon Space is designed as a luxurious compact living solution, fully furnished, with a sitting room, double bedroom, and a modular integrated kitchen and bathroom. The design will allow for flexibility in the sizes and shapes of space within certain modular parameters, tailored to your specific needs.

To study the effect on our circadian rhythms, or biological clocks, Oxford University neuroscientist Russell Foster will be using The Photon Space for an unspecified amount of time. The project will also be used to monitor its effects on relieving stress, insomnia, low energy, depression, lowered libido, and jet lag.

To make this architectural modernized forward-thinking project a reality, The Photon Project is using CrowdCube, an online fundraising platform, to target potential investors.


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