Getting Started with Disqus on The Pinnacle List

Disqus on The Pinnacle List

Founded in 2007 by Daniel Ha and Jason Yan, Disqus is a blog comment hosting service for websites and online communities. Now on The Pinnacle List, we have integrated Disqus’ platform to infuse their power of social integration, social networking, and user profiles for our readers.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get started with Disqus on The Pinnacle List:

Locating Disqus

Locating Disqus on The Pinnacle List

On the bottom of mosts pages on The Pinnacle List website, including our Blogs, Properties, Homes, Apartments, Villas, Hotels, Resorts, Gallery, Pics, and TV, there is a section to post a comment. This is where you will find our new input fields for Disqus.

Start the Disqus Discussion

Start the Disqus Discussion on The Pinnacle List

Once you click anywhere on the Disqus area, you will be prompted to start a discussion. First though, you will need an account with Disqus. Registering is quite simple.

Register a Disqus Account

Register a Disqus Account on The Pinnacle List

You can register directly with Disqus using your email address, or you can register using your social network accounts with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. We are going to register with @MACortino, a dummy Twitter username created for the purpose of this step-by-step guide.

Authorize Twitter to Register with Disqus

Authorize Twitter to Register with Disqus on The Pinnacle List

After selecting Twitter to register with Disqus, you will be asked to authorize Twitter to give Disqus access to your account. Your Twitter password and direct messages are protected and will remain private. The Pinnacle List has no invested interests in this third-party exchange between Disqus and Twitter.

Completing Your Disqus Registration

Completing Your Disqus Registration

Next, Disqus will ask you to provide an email address and password, followed with optional personal information you can fill out to display on your new Disqus Profile. If you registered with Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, then your profile picture will automatically be used from those networks. You can always change that later.

Ready to Comment with Disqus

Ready to Comment with Disqus on The Pinnacle List

Once your registration with Disqus is finished, you are now ready to start discussions on The Pinnacle List.

Comment Posted with Disqus on The Pinnacle List

Comment Posted with Disqus on The Pinnacle List

After posting your first comment on The Pinnacle List via Disqus, get ready for others to join the discussion thread. You can post replies, upload images, follow others, and even view top commenters and the most popular discussion threads happening right now on The Pinnacle List.

We look forward to interacting with you on The Pinnacle List through Disqus!


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