The Pinnacle List Behind-the-Scenes at Shelter Island Estate on Montana’s Flathead Lake

The Pinnacle List Behind-the-Scenes at Shelter Island Estate on Montana's Flathead Lake

Earlier this month, The Pinnacle List team had the distinct privilege of traveling to Flathead Lake, Montana where one of the most expensive homes in America is situated on an 24-acre private island, known as Shelter Island, with the 24,000 sq. ft. main residence taking the same name.

With Andrea Jauck, I hosted a Special Video Presentation highlighting the estate, inside and out, with a unique journey around the island – a first of its kind for The Pinnacle List.

Traveling to spectacular luxury homes is nothing new for The Pinnacle List.

With Kris Cyganiak, I have previously traveled to photograph The Razor Residence in La Jolla, The Bradbury Estate in Los Angeles, Castello della Costa d’Oro in Cambria, The Safe House in Los Angeles, and many other homes in places like Seattle, San Francisco, Malibu, San Diego, and beyond.

What made this trip different from any other luxury home we have visited in the past was our new focus on video recording and social media with the #TPLMontana hashtag to bring you behind-the-scenes, predominantly with Facebook, Twitter, and Vine, along with Google+ and Instagram.

Flathead Lake was a spectacular body of water to see, being that it is the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River in the contiguous United States. It is a truly majestic natural wonder.

The only way to reach the estate is of course by boat.

After boating across one of the cleanest lakes in the populated world for its size and type, you’re immediately met with Mother Nature left untouched. The owner of Shelter Island purposely left landscaping in a natural state to maintain a sense of Montana’s native wilderness.

Perhaps a surprising fact is that this island has a natural deer population. Visiting deers and even some bears actually swim over to the island from the mainland.

Lakeside and throughout Shelter Island you will see eroded rock formations and sediments of many natural materials that were used as an inspiration for the predominantly stone-based design of the Shelter Island Estate.

Part of the rock face of Shelter Island itself was left untouched during the construction of the main residence and incorporated into the foundation of the estate in the lower level wine room where an outcrop appears above the surface of the floor making it a unique luxury design feature of the room. This is just an example of how important a role the natural surroundings played in the design of the estate.

Beside Shelter Island are two more islands, one of which is the small Rock Island that is included with Shelter Island Estate and in the distance you can see Cedar Island which is part of the Montana State Park system.

All ceilings in the spectacular Shelter Island Estate are covered with handcrafted Venetian plaster including the 45-foot high great room, which spans over 14,000 sq. ft. alone, exemplifying the incredible attention-to-detail that went into the construction of this amazing private island residence.

Every area of the home showcases exquisite master craftsmanship leaving you with the feeling that you’re in a truly magnificent elite luxury residence. The grand proportions emulate the omnipresent atmosphere of living in a modern day castle with prominent hallways and elaborate patios that overlook Flathead Lake.

The narrative of a modern day castle is further evoked by climbing several flights of stairs to the top of the main residence’s grandiose tower – a throwback to traditional castles.

Atop the Shelter Island Estate tower, the panoramic views overlooking Flathead Lake and the island grounds create an unforgettable sense of prominence with the altruistic realization that this is truly a pinnacle property which resonates privacy and exclusivity.

The tower provides incredible views of the residence’s elaborate docks, the neighbouring islands, the vast body of clear water that is Flathead Lake, and beyond to the surrounding landscapes of the mainland.

Behind-the-scenes, our team from The Pinnacle List was capturing the true essence of this modern day castle in pinnacle photographic form.

I was also behind the camera, photographing this incredible estate on Shelter Island. It was a true privilege to have the opportunity to visit this elite residence and be involved with showcasing it as one of the the ultimate natural private island luxury residences in the world.

Shelter Island on Flathead Lake is one of those incredible once in a lifetime properties that you have to see if you’re ever in the state of Montana. It’s an impressive one-of-a-kind estate that is equally captivating glimpsed from afar passing on the lakeside highway, but simply breathtaking and awe-inspiring from a passing boat.

In October 2014, you will get to watch the video we filmed at Shelter Island. It was an incredible journey that I’m eager to share with you.

Here I was inside of a guest bedroom, moments before I stepped onset with Andrea to begin filming at the estate.

Living beyond the limits of ordinary experiences. It doesn’t get much better than the unforgettable private views from the main terrace at the Shelter Island Estate.

The integrity of the island’s pristine natural setting is evident in this lakefront view from the estate. The owner immaculately preserved the islands natural landscape as an integral component of the estate in respect to his love for the outdoors.

While the vista views are breathtaking, the fact that you can fish for trout as big as 30-40 lbs from the shoreline is even more amazing. With nature surrounding you, the estate offers an unequivocal luxury lifestyle within a realm of liberating peace and relaxation.

The unrivalled waterfront luxury living experience at the Shelter Island Estate is exemplified by an elaborate James Bond-like computer controlled automatic boat docking system, that allows the landing of the owners boat directly from the water on the lake up into a dry-dock boat garage in the main residence, without ever leaving the craft, or handling a line.

A 24-acre majestic mountain aerie in Montana, Shelter Island is a truly special place transformed into a monumental luxury private island estate, all while preserving the natural wonders of Flathead Lake. Situated on a body of water that is the largest natural formation west of the Mississippi River, and is in the top 3 cleanest in the world, the Shelter Island Estate is a rare example of an elite luxury residence harmoniously in equilibrium with its natural surroundings. It is a true world-class trophy property surrounded by extraordinary natural beauty in an exceptional private island setting.

View the Property Showcase page of Shelter Island Estate, along with The Pinnacle List’s Special Video Presentation of Montana’s modern day castle on Flathead Lake.


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